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Indie Desk was originally a concept space created in 2011, making Indie Desk the first Co-working space in DTLA.


What began as a gentrification project in the historic core of DTLA, became an opportunity and challenge of positioning DTLA as a tech destination for startups. We can honestly say that we have seen the changes in DTLA as good as anybody else, from seeing the diversity of our members, to the residential growth in the area and the sprouting of new business that have become part of the DTLA identity.

We are proud to say that Burner, LootCrate, Visionary VR, VRLA, Mindshow and others, were born out of our space. Once an idea by one, that needed a desk, which turn into 3 and 4 desks, we have been a starting point for many tech entrepreneurs that need an opportunity of value. 


We seek to further that conduit via co-working. 


A spin-off of INDIE PRINTING, Indie Desk set out to provide freelancers in any industry, a space to work from. We set out to create a vibrant community and creative hub for tech, creative and freelance entrepreneurs, with the hope that they would some day graduate from our space to one they can call their own, while providing an infusion of quality job opportunities and expendable income that will fuel our local economy.

Thanks to 
Brookfield properties, Indie Desk gets to continue that work from its new location in the Wells Fargo Center. With millions of available square feet - The financial district in Bunker Hill is poised to become a tech, creative innovative business hub for years to come. 


Omar Madero



Community Liaison

Andy Rosillo


Owner and Business



Indie Desk has been building a community for Downtown’s entrepreneurs, working to enable small businesses to grow by fostering a community of creative people and companies.

Now, we get to expand our community from our new home located in Bunker Hill - at the Wells Fargo North Tower. Located on the 4th floor, Indie Desk offers day passes, week passes, dedicated desks and private offices.

We cater to a wide range of industries that have found a home in our coworking space. 

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